Terms & Conditions

The EcoLearnIT system (i.e., the framework that hosts Reusable Learning Objects - RLOs and allows RLO development) has a copyright, meaning that others cannot reproduce the EcoLearnIT system without permission. RLOs in EcoLearnIT are under the Creative Commons License Conditions. The RLOs developed by authors are made accessible online via EcoLearnIT in "open-access mode". The access to RLOs is based on a "Share alike (SA) license" option with the variant of "allow non-commercial (NC) use only“ meaning that RLOs are distributed in open-access mode to learners/instructors. End-users (learners and instructors) cannot use the RLOs commercially for their own purpose and are not allowed to restrict their use and distribution. This model does not discriminate based on social status, geographic region, funding or other reasons. Authorship is honored and author and co-author names are attached to each RLO to acknowledge their work. In the EcoLearnIT system peer-reviewed RLOs are published (flagged green) and white-paper RLOs (flagged white) are shared with EcoLearnIT users.