The EcoLearnIT system provides a platform and tools to create RLOs and search through the digital library of RLOs. RLOs can be hyperlinked and incorporated into graduate and undergraduate courses, short courses, certificate courses or used as extension/outreach material. Instructors can use the course builder tool to aggregate RLOs into modules or courses (tool to group favorite RLOs). RLOs are cost-effective and can be used to support online and on-campus instruction and to foster continued learning. Learners can browse through stimulating learning material on various topics including environmental sciences (soil, water, climate, policy, and ecosystem services), ecology, natural resources and agricultural management. EcoLearnIT users can rank published RLOs and select favorites.

Each RLO is an online publication and can be tracked/cited by author and co-author name, title of RLO, and RLO publication number similar to a journal article or online publication.

There are different types of RLO publications:
Green box: Peer-reviewed RLO publications (completed publication)
White box: White paper RLO (can be edited/revised by RLO author(s) to move up to a completed publication)
Yellow box: RLO in review
Red box: RLO in development

The system allows joint development of RLOs in form of author teams. In EcoLearnIT RLOs are defined as small learning units that consists of (i) RLO title (theme), (ii) learning objectives, (iii) knowledge/instructional component, and (iv) assessment component. Other entries include keywords, target audience, and level of complexity of learning material.

Content can be implemented (uploaded) in various digital formats including text, artwork (various graphics formats and Power Point), video and audio files, and Flash animations to add interactive features. To mix different digital media provides an opportunity to create stimulating learning material that engages learners. Uploaded material is compiled on-the-fly and a Flash wrapper encapsulates the completed RLO to provide a common feel and look.