Provides access to Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) which are small learning units focused on environmental sciences (soil, water, climate, policy, ecosystem services), ecology, natural resources and agricultural management. The material is peer-reviewed and shared among EcoLearnIT users.

Participate as
  • Author or author-teams: Create RLOs with the support of authoring tools provided in EcoLearnIT
  • Instructor: Use the in-build RLO aggregator and include RLOs into modules or courses
  • Learners: Search for content and learn ...more
Course on Reusable Learning Objects
Learn about technical and pedagogical approaches to develop RLOs. This training will allow you to become an expert RLO developer ... more.

EcoLearnIT releases version 1.5 with a new design. Find new features and tools. Create flashy RLOs using tools provided in EcoLearnIT.
Peer-reviewed online publications of RLOs acknowledge authors and co-authors
Build a knowledge base to serve learners around the globe & support open learning activities
Social networking – meet the EcoLearnIT user community
RLOs provide stimulating content in the form of text, graphics, video, and audio. RLOs also provide assessment.
Browser Compatibility
EcoLearnIT has been tested and is fully functional using Firefox, Chrome, and Safari with the exception of MP4 videos. MP4 videos are only currently available in Internet Explorer. If you choose to use another browser, you may experience problems with portions of the website. There are known issues with sections of EcoLearnIT while using Internet Explorer 11.